Shake it, Freeze it, Eat it


Muscle Ice gets delivered to your gym
Muscle Ice gets delivered at your gym in fluid form. By keeping our ice cream fluid we can deliver Muscle Ice to all of Europe for very low prices while maintaining high quality of structure and taste.

Del to your home

Shake it!
Shake Muscle Ice up and down a few times: Our special ice cream mixes are made to absorb air inside the cup. When Muscle Ice gets shaken up and down air will get trapped in the mix creating a directly scoopable ice cream when frozen. Also the ingredients in the mix will get mixed to create a delicious and even taste throughout the whole cup.

Shake it

Freeze it!
After shaking Muscle Ice needs to be frozen to transform into delicious ice cream. For optimal ice cream Muscle Ice should be frozen for 8 hours or longer at a temperature of -18 degrees celsius.

Freeze it

Eat it!
After freezing Muscle Ice it's time to grow! Muscle Ice contains over 30 grams of protein to help you grow and recover after intense excercise.

Eat it

Are you ready to get big in the tastiest way?

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